Beach Wedding in Playa del Carmen

Vintage Wedding in Riviera Maya

Mexico has beautiful beaches where you can have your wedding. Playa del Carmen, located in the Riviera Maya, is one of the favorite destinations for couples. Exclusive resorts, affordable prices, sun, sand and sea and that was the case of Sara and Ikenna who chose the Hotel Paradisus Perla in Playa del Carmen to get their wedding, a wedding on the beach. Vintage wedding in Playa del Carmen.

Personally I loved the decoration of the gazebo was very vintage, Vintage wedding in Playa del Carmen.

As a wedding photographer in the Riviera Maya I enjoy meeting couples who come to enjoy this destination, I have to confess that 40% of the couples I have are from New York, whether their wedding is in New York or in Playa del Carmen or Riviera Maya.

Sarah and Ikena have a lot of energy and are worthy representatives of New York as they dance like good New Yorkers.
Thank you Sarah and Ikena for letting us be your wedding photographers in Playa del Carmen. Please if you want to contact me to coverage your wedding please here

Hotel: Paradisus La Perla

Wedding Planer: Aracely

Partner photographer: Uriel Perez

Officiant: Christian Carballo 

DJ: DJ Juan

 Wedding Dress: One day Bridal

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